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DarkWave Nights every night 9pm to 12 am MST

New Additions 4/11/24

A-Tweed - Nabla Shape Operator

Acidulant - Machine is Life

Alex Medina - Aural 

Bataille - Ain't No Prophet

Bonnie Spacey & VOLUPTAS - Nuit Obscure 

Boys' Shorts - Something To Forget

Daniele Gas - Santificami 

Dasha IvLife - Dark Anatomy

Enjanzea2, La Mexicana - BLUNT (HOLDRR Remix)

Jason Peters - Gowanda

Kate Stein - SNAFU (Radondo & Neu Romancer Remix)

Millero & Snirco - Sweet Moment

Nite Fleit - Braintape 

Oca MX, Citalan & Amatista - Agua Marina

Panorama Lineal - Le Afgan 

Para Noir - Flashbacks

Pumuki - Blackstrobe

Ticopa - Quién me cuida

The Hanged Man X Kimisma - Paralysis

April 18th

Butcher Boy - Blood Lust (Black Light Smoke Remix)

April 19th

Mascarpone - Combustion (Vondkreistan Remix)

April 26th

Agle & Machinegewehr - Into The Night (Club Remix)

New Additions to DarkWave Nights

Worn Out - Publicity

New Additions to DarkWave Nights 4/10/24

Air Midnight - Know Nothing

Blood Wisteria - Nilfheim

Darksoft - Endless Day

Gulf Blvd - Where Moth and Rust Consume

Love In Cage - Trans-Reality

Lovataraxx - Harmony Boast

Lovataraxx - Zerrissen

Mellow Code - Filed To Knubbs (Male Tears Remix)

Midnight Darkwave - Embrace of Shadows

Midnight Darkwave - Summon Gargoyle

Nino Sable & Dos Asmund - Im Wonderland

NLight - There's But One God

NLight - Ominous Clouds

NLight - Between Dreams and Nightmares

None Shall Remain - Into the Darkness

Rare Kreature - Hyperspeed

Saiph - Void Salts

Selofan - Love's Secret Game

Soft Kill - Fools

Soft Kill - Love, Sosa

Some Days Are Darker - Downpour (Actors Remix)

Summore - Watch Your Back

Távol - Liminál Terek

Terminal Serious - Taurus Goes On The Swing

The KVB - Words

Varnakis - Devotion