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DarkWave Nights every night 9pm to 12 am MST

New Additions 5/17/24

Alonzo - Jealous Eyes

Amanati - Fos

Aquarius Heaven, Saqib - Timing

Black Nail Cabaret - Teach Me How To Techno

Calystarr - Garden Of Eden (MAN2.0 Rivers Of Babylon Mix)

Clouzer Ft. Valentin Henning - Stalactites

Cosmosolar - Immaginazione

Facundo Capott - The Pale Moonlight

Hugo Vallejo - Rafaga

Ira Ange, Natasha Wax & Sony Vibe - Lute (Y.Y Remix)

Kay-Chi & Kurt Kjergaard - Rotary Circus

Kiko, Etienne De Crecy - Superdata

Lost In Andaluz - When The Sun Dies

Mascarpone - Spherical Mechanism

Nino Tores, Tal Tobi - Different

Ottoman Grüw & Inside Blur - Requiem For A Collapsing Star

Qual - Techsick

Roswell Brothers, Sabina Odone - Cuarto Rojo feat. L.U.W.

Signa Rust - Eviannim

Silent Cure - Natural Punk

Tano Lavelli - Chake

May 20th

Robot84 - Cosmic Accident

May 24th

Alpha Sect - La Ultima Vez (Curses x Tutto Vetro Remix)

May 31st

Radial Gaze, Pyrame - Voodooridoo (Orchid Remix)

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A Sinister Light - Too Cold

Badtime - Parody

Balduvian Bears - Everytime

Скубут - Berlin

Скубут - Isceli Menya

Скубут - Pogranichnyi

Cold Cave - Blackberries

Cold Union - Desolate

Cold Union - Separation

Date At Midnight - The Privation

Drim - Final light?

Earth Surrender - Change

Futur Rouge - Cause de toi

Guerra Fría - En Algun Lugar Del Ayer

Ingreso Cadáver - Océanos De Sangre

Le Brame - Non Ti Abbandonare (don't abandon yourself)

Llora - Forward

Midnight Darkwave - The Mask of Red Death

Mortal Boy - Demon Haunted World (The Barbary Ghost Remix)

Neila Invo - B.P.D (Cage Remix)

Night In Athens - Words Unspoken

Ottoman Grüw & Inside Blur - Endless Desert (Nghtly Remix)

Perpetual Midnight - Bloody Money

Perpetual Midnight & Villa Vide - Dead Flowers

Perpetual Midnight & Villa Vide - Fascinations

Perpetual Midnight & Villa Vide - I Felt The Nothingness

Prudencio Mata - Pleasures in the Dark

Saiph - Her Eyes

Slower Avenue - Black Rose

Stranger & Lovers - Fetiche

Stranger & Lovers - Wasted

Sunder - The Day I Died

Sydney Valette - La Maman et le Fantôme

Twin Tears - The Cold