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DarkWave Wednesday now on every night 9pm to 12 am MST

New Additions 2/22/2024

Autoflower - Look Into The Light

BadWolf, Idoru - Control Me

Bask - Das Gemetzel 

Esprit Divers - Diversion (Kimshies Remix)

Giorgio Brindesi, W.O.L.F. & Esqivel - Divina Obscenidad

Jean Bruce - A Trip Back Into Time (Back From The Wave Remix)

Madd Rod & Noporn - Tropicalismo Dark

May Diem - Euphorie

Ne-21- Jack Isidore (Velvet May Remix)

Paranoid London - Touch The State of That (with Jennifer Touch)

Roe Deers - Never Ending (Venice Arms ‘Psycho’ Remix) 

Smforma - Reality

VeKan - Rica (NoctLux Remix)

Velsky & Driada - Don't Notice / Не з​а​м​е​ч​а​й

Feb 23rd

Alex Aguayo & Silicodisco - Desire (Nouveau Futur Remix)

March 1st

Bloody Mary - Surrender 

New Additions to DarkWave Nights on

every night 9pm to 12am MST

Alex Purser - Another Level Down

Andromeda - Fantasmas

Circuit Preacher - Down Here

Das Kelzer - Burial Shadows

Die Sexual - Lights Down Low

Die Sexual - House Of God

Distant Stares - When Our Ways Part

Fevr ft. Joao - Get Away

Holograph - Swedish Summer (MNDVL remix)

IAMTHESHADOW - Even The Air Is A Ruin

Rosegarden Funeral Party - Wintersong

The Art Intel - In The Theatre

Ivur - Fire

Ivur - Lies

Ivur - Shatter

Lesser Care - Even After Everything Changed (Ft. Tobias Grave)

Lesser Care - Streetwear

Lila Ehjä - Trigger

Moonvampire - Nobody

Ornamented Gauze - In The Dark Room

Perpetual Midnight - Mirror Twin (Harsh Symmetry Remake)

Perpetual Midnight - Permanent Surrender

Petrified Entity - Break

Petrified Entity - Fate

Petrified Entity - Fail

Ratpajama - The Man Without A Face

Ratpajama - Au Revoir, My Love

Ratpajama - Oh My God, Look At Him

Ratpajama - Of Course That This Is Goth Too

Sleeping with Socks - It's a Flaw

Slower Avenue - Dark Shades

Slower Avenue - Unequivocal

Slower Avenue - Take Me Away

Zanias - Acacia

Zetra - Burn (The Cure Cover)

March 1st

Bleached Heat - Outpost

March 22nd

Paolo Virdis - Black Mirrors

New Additions 2/23/24

Far&High - Sans Vetements (pizzaaftersex Remix)

Great White Shark - Alone, Like You (Skelesys Remix)

Malia Nima - Flow

Maori - One Way

Marc DePulse - Better Than That

NECRØ - Deathward

Niv Ast, Kimshies - She Said (Late Night Version)

Secret Factory - Neon Jaguar Odyssey

Shubostar & TERR - Brave New World

X23 - Cyberbell 

Feb 26th

Rigopolar & Disto Disco - Spaced Out (Phunkadelica Skylab Remix)

Feb 28th

Mina Lord - More Equal (Llimbs Remix)

March 1st

Vladyslav Putistin & Lvcerate - Danza Industriale

March 1st

Younger Than Me & Pablo Bozzi - We Don't Know The Way, We Just Stay

New Additions to DarkWave Nights on

9pm to 12am every night

Allie X - John & Jonathan

Bedroom Talks - Faded Flowers

Bleib Modern - Around Your Arms (feat. The Underground Youth)

Bleib Modern - Walls (feat. Shad Shadows)

Deus Ex Lumina & Mezolozyde - We Own The Night 

Estetica Noir - Burnout

Ingreso Cadáver - Susurros [Tech version]

La Misère - I Will Always Haunt These Castle Walls


May Diem - Latex

Nightsister - Lost In A Past Life

Paura Diamante - Abigail (Chiffon Magnifique Remix)

Petrified Entity - Idiot Box

Petrified Entity - Propagate 

Poison Point - Flowers & Surrender

Raven Numan - My Reflection

Tanks And Tears - Timewave